Business Process Engine
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Do you spend too much time handling your business processes?

Do you spend too much time handling your business processes?
The Business Process Engine (BPE) is your cloud-based solution to simplify your complex business processes. Increase your efficiency, automate your workflows and optimise your processes. With BPE, standardised process templates are guaranteed, which ensure comprehensive transparency and process monitoring. As a result, you can successfully promote digitalisation in your company.
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BPE – Features

BPE – Features
Standardisation All business processes run according to a defined scheme and provide all necessary information for the involved parties.
Monitoring At any time, you can see with whom a process step is pending and for how long. A reminder can be sent manually via the system.
Tailored Processes The process templates can be tailored to your individual business processes and can be adapted to changing circumstances at any time.
Traceability It is always transparent who has made changes, approvals, etc. in the process.
Dynamic and automated Based on the set variables in the running process, specific process steps are skipped, additionally executed or sub-processes are automatically started.
Options for integration Interfaces to other BPS modules and external ERP or archive systems are possible.

BPE – How it works

BPE - How it works
Employee starts the process and enters all required information.
Further persons/roles are informed about their tasks, process them and confirm their completion.
The changes and adjustments made are checked by the responsible person and released accordingly.
The responsible person has an overview of both completed and active processes.