Time and Attendance Module
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Are you spending too much time on recording your time and attendance?

Are you spending too much time on recording your time and attendance?
The Time and Attendance Module (TAM) is your cloud based solution to optimize data entry for your working times as well as overtime or absence time such as holidays or illness.
Increase your efficiency and optimize your day to day reporting. As a manager you can dramatically improve your employees action planning.
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TAM - Features

TAM - Features
Smart Data Entry Register your attendance through fingerprint scan, smartphone or web interface
Shift Plan Management Easily define and assign the shift plans to your teams or import from external sources
Absence Coordination Optimize planned and unplanned absences such as holidays, trainings, illness or accidents
Integrated Workflows Automate your workflows for overtime and absence requests
Public Holidays Incorporate specific public or organizational holidays including regional variations
Management Reports Fully flexible reports on all organizational levels

TAM - How it works

TAM - How it works
Record Attendance
By a single press of a button the user registers his individual attendance times such as start of work, end of work or other absence times. Various input methods, for example mobile, fingerprint or web-applications are available.
Set Absence
The user can automatically start specific workflows for special cases like illness, holidays or other absences.
Retrieve Information
At any time users can get personal information, for instance assigned shift plans or overviews about holidays, overtimes and other absences.
Verify Requests
The manager is enabled to approve or reject user requests for overtime or holidays.
Optimize Plans
Based on the input of the attendance records of his employees, the manager can optimize the teams action planning, for example the creation of an ideal shift plan.
Analyse Reports
The manager has instant knowledge about his teams performance and availability through dedicated reports.