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Highly educated employees are the foundation for a successful enterprise.

Highly educated employees are the foundation for a successful enterprise.
The eLearning Module is based on the BPS framework and intended for the management of corporate knowledge. You can generate content yourself via videos, multiple choice questions, slide approach or audio and import already existing eLearnings by file upload (e.g. SCORM format). This versatile tool allows you to manage your company's knowledge in one place, monitor, and assign it directly to your employees.
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eLearning – Features

eLearning – Features
Versatile eLearning generation Create your own content with our module in different types of formats like video, slide approach, questions, or a combination of all formats. New formats can be added as well.
Import already existing courses In case you already have online courses, you can simply import them into eLearning so that they do not have to be redesigned.
Corporate Design It is ensured that the Corporate Design is adopted for each type of course. So that the module fits into the landscape together with already existing systems.
Systematic Approach Reduce administrative burden for your HR department through digitalising your mandatory courses for employees.
Feedback functionality After completing courses, you have the possibility to implement feedback fields, so that you can always optimise the courses based on input from employees. in a word processor using placeholders and upload them to DCM
Scalable: CTM Integration Integrate with our Course Training Module (CTM) and create your own LMS. Automatically distribute and monitor the learning status of your employees.

eLearning – How it works

eLearning - How it works
Create lesson
Create courses in different formats and store centrally.
Generate eLearning
Assemble the created lessons into an entire eLearning and make it available to the employees.
Employees will receive a notification after completing the course in a certain time frame.
The employee has the opportunity to rate the course and provide feedback.