Contact Relationship Management
Master your Contacts - clear & up-to-date

Are your searches for up-to-date contact information never-ending?

Are your searches for up-to-date contact information never-ending?
The Contact Relationship Management (CRM) is your cloud based module to streamline your contacts. Increase your efficiency by combining different types of contacts such as customers, vendors, partners, employees, institutions and others.
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CRM - Features

CRM - Features
Smart Search Find your contacts - fast with direct mobile access to calls, messaging, e-mails and geolocation / route
Personal Favourites Create your individual list of favourite contacts
Marketing Campaigns Generate flexible templates to run dynamic and personalized marketing campaigns
Reporting Analyse your data on the fly with dedicated reports and sophisticated data filters
Mass Changes Speed up data entry by clever mass changes
Role Based Improve data quality trough defined editing, publishing and reading roles
Mass Import Increase return of investment by fast data import with field mapping from any electronic source
Duplicate Check Automatic check if the address already exists

CRM - How it works

CRM - How it works
Manage Data
The editor uploads existing contact data from any electronic source or easily enters new contact data. Smart categorizing enables users to find contacts quickly. The publisher reviews and approves all contact data to guarantee utmost data quality for the users.
Search and Filter
All users can easily search and filter all contact data within their respective access rights. For larger organizations individual workflows can be implemented. Users can add their favourite contacts by a press of a button to their personal list of favourites or remove them if no longer needed.
Get in Contact
Users start individual or mass conversations with the selected contacts via their preferred communication channels, e.g. direct calls trough mobile or landlines, text messaging and e-mails. Instant route calculations are available by integrated geolocation.
Know the Addresses
Have all relevant contact information available - anytime & anywhere. For example order and payment history of customers, delivery quality of vendors, sales history of partners, birthdays of employees and emergency numbers of institutions.
Analyse Data
Statistically analyse the usage of the system to improve data quality and accessibility. Categorize contacts for better prioritization, optimized contact support and improved relationship.