Service Execution Module
Master your service orders management –
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Are you swamped with paperwork managing field service orders execution?

Are you swamped with paperwork managing field service orders execution?
The Service Execution Module (SEM) is a cloud based solution for your field workforce to manage service orders execution just at their fingertips. From creating a service order to collecting a digital signature from a customer and sending a PDF report with consumed time/materials – everything is done by your technicians/mechanics in the cloud.
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SEM – Features

SEM – Features
Paperless Reduce paperwork by managing all the data in the cloud
Easy & Smart Easy to follow workflow reflecting the steps taken by the field service engineers: from order creation to signing and sending the reports
ERP Connection Get orders automatically synchronized with your ERP system
Custom Data Entry Add company-specific material and resource information and use them in your orders
Accurate Accurate resource planning to provide efficient customer service on time
Transparent PDF Reports Transparent overview of resources as PDF file - both for customers and internal purposes

SEM – How it works

SEM - How it works
Create new orders and use customer details, field service descriptions as well as materials and resources.
Enter your productive working time, travel time, distance and materials consumed.
Get a digital signature from your customer and generate automatically a PDF report.
Send a signed report to the customer by e-mail and have all reports automatically archived.