Job Reference Module
Master your job references – automated & standardized

Do you have difficulties with the wording of legally compliant job references?

Do you have difficulties with the wording of legally compliant job references?
The Job Reference Module (JRM) is your cloud based solution for the simplified writing of job references of any kind. Increase your efficiency by creating new job references based on predefined and legally compliant text modules.
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JRM - Features

JRM - Features
Reference Type Define individual reference types such as interim job reference, apprenticeship reference or final job reference
Text Modules Use standardized text modules to create job references easily
Assessment Form Assess the skills of your employees based on a standardised evaluation form
Smart Workflow Design your job reference workflow based on your organizational structure
Interface Integration Import your employee data easily thanks to interfaces to various data sources
Corporate Design Create visually attractive job references based on your corporate design

JRM - How it works

JRM - How it works
Assess Employee
The supervisor receives automatically a request to assess the employee at the start of the reference workflow. The assessment form asks for the employee skills and complies to common conventions. The assessment includes professional qualification, realization of know-how, target achievement, social competences and other skills. Several text modules are stored within the assessment form. The job reference is generated automatically based on the assessment.
Customize Text
A text suggestion is generated automatically. The suggestion is editable by the responsible persons, e.g. HR department.
Generate Job Reference
The job reference is generated in the corporate design of the company. It can be easily stored and printed by the responsible persons.
Archive Document
The approved job references might be added to the personal dossiers of an employee and are archived audit-compliant.