Resource Planning Module
Organise the planning of your employees on projects
structured and efficiently

Do you have difficulties keeping track of all your projects and resources in project management?

Do you have difficulties keeping track of all your projects and resources in project management?
The RPM assists with the overall planning of employee hours on various projects. Work assignments can be allocated to employees using different planning modes with automatic hours calculation. The calendar view provides a big picture of planned and available resources. With direct integration of your ERP, projects and object entries can be imported.
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RPM – Features

RPM – Features
Versatile staff planning Employees can be assigned hours manually or by automatic hours calculation, using given values.
Connection to your ERP system With the integration of your ERP system (for example SAP), objects or the entire project list can be imported.
Scalable: Time and Attendance Module - TAM With the integration of TAM, absences of employees are displayed directly in real time on the projects.
Different display modes Depending on purpose, the calendar can be displayed from project (overview of employees on projects), or resource management perspective (overview of projects per employee).
Management view on projects Get a financial report from the project or utilisation report of the employees, which allow you to compare the target/plan and act accordingly.
Scalable: Time Reporting Module - TRM With our TRM, the actual hours vs. planned hours on a project provide valuable insights for sales.

RPM – How it works

RPM - How it works
Import the project and employee data.
Allocate employee hours on projects.
Provide overviews to project managers and share working schedules with employees.
Use reporting to monitor workload, forecasted costs and react to capacity shortage.