Time Reporting Management
Master your employees` time tracking – precise & clear

Are you spending too much time evaluating the hours your employees work on projects?

Are you spending too much time evaluating the hours your employees work on projects?
The Time Reporting Management (TRM) is your cloud based solution to optimize smart data entry of working hours based on projects, overtime and absences. Calculated automatically, the data is provided in comprehensive and flexible reports. Use resources efficiently for your project success.
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TRM - Features

TRM - Features
Easy and Smart Data Entry Register your hours with just a few clicks, use templates for repeated activities. Easy to use Ul — designed for your comfort and efficiency
Absence Coordination Optimize planned and unplanned absences such as holidays, trainings, illness etc.
Billing with Confidence Capture every billable hour your employees spend on the project related activities for easier customer billing. Use project descriptions and correct charge rates for employee per project
Reports Management Create comprehensive and flexible reports with just a click of a button. Hours reporting based on customers projects, activities and templates
ERP connection Have all the data added/deleted/modified in TRM automatically updated In your ERP-System and vice versa
Mobile App Enter and manage your working hours - anytime & anywhere

TRM - How it works

TRM - How it works
Record Hours
With a simple click the user registers his timesheet data. Projects, activities and description templates can be created to save time registering repeated activities.
Set Absence
The user selects an appropriate absence activity and enters a reason in the description as well as sets the period of absence.
Analyze your team performance and availability with customizable and detailed reports e.g. cost centers, projects numbers, activities.
Manage spent hours on customers’ projects and identify time/cost issues at an early stage of a project. Integrated approval workflow: check/adjust project hours before releasing to HR.