Project Lifecycle Management
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Are you feeling lost juggling your company’s projects and team’s tasks?

Are you feeling lost juggling your company’s projects and team’s tasks?
The Project Lifecycle Management (PLM) is your cloud based project management solution encompassing advanced task management, planning, time tracking, collaboration, reporting and much more, all in one place. Implement seamless workflow, structure and transparency to keep track of the entire lifetime of a project. Start using PLM to deliver your projects on time and within budget!
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PLM – Features

PLM – Features
Time Tracking & Extension Add hours spent on project-related tasks to help you and your team take better control of the most valuable asset: time. Request reasoned and evidential project extensions for work not considered in estimation
Fully Customizable Add your own projects and project packages, create teams and assign project tasks to the responsible users
Comprehensive Reports Monitor progress of the projects as well as your team’s performance and availability with the consolidated and flexible reports
Collaborative Subscribe several users to tasks. Collaborate on one task with the built-in messaging box: add information, attach files, reply and reassign tasks to the respective users, get notified by email
Absence & Vacation Record Record and approve absences and vacations to allocate resources accordingly
Access Rights Secure your projects by restricting access to projects, tasks and reports

PLM – How it works

PLM – How it works
Plan & Estimate
Create projects, split projects into packages and tasks, assign tasks to team members, add hours estimation and set deadlines.
Record and track hours spent on the projects and project related tasks.
Collaborate on tasks, have all the history of communication and shared files stored in one place.
Deliver high quality projects on time and within budget.