Course Training Management
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Are you struggling with introducing training in your company?

Are you struggling with introducing training in your company?
The Course Training Management (CTM) is your cloud based solution to develop and manage centralized corporate training. Offer your employees flexible tailor-made training opportunities and certification upon successful course completion.

Start using CTM to foster your employees learning and boost team performance!
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CTM – Features

CTM – Features
Tailor-made Offer tailor-made training opportunities for specific target groups: add internal/external courses and webinars, set timetable and completion result
Flexible Course Management Configure courses or their execution details flexibly and inform current or prospective students by e-mail with the built-in messaging box
Attendance Record & Certification Issue certificates to confirm successful course completion based on attendance or other predefined measures. Course results can be integrated directly into the employee's personnel dossier
Participation Approval Depending on the company goals and employee’s individual development plan, approve or decline participation of the employees who sign up for a course
Calendar Integration Download an .ics-File for your e-mail application and have a course timetable integrated into your personal calendar
Transparent Overview Have a thorough overview of past, current and upcoming courses, their registrations and outcomes per employee

CTM – How it works

CTM - How it works
Create a course, set timetable, open registration for specific target groups, limit the number of participants. Approve or decline registrations.
Run the course, record absences, share course documents and keep participants informed by e-mail via the built-in messaging box.
Issue confirmations or certifications upon successful course completion in accordance with the defined success measures.
Get a detailed overview of the past, current and upcoming trainings and the employees’ knowledge and skills improvement as displayed in the personnel dossier.