ePayslip Module
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Digitalise and automate payroll is the future for sustainable enterprises!

Digitalise and automate payroll is the future for sustainable enterprises!
Distributing payslips to all employees in the company involves an enormous amount of time and money. The payslips must be created, printed, packaged and sent. The effort of the HR department can be reduced by introducing the ePayslip. With ePayslip, the monthly payslips are made available to the employees as a digital document directly from SAP
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ePayslip – Features

ePayslip – Features
Flexible application design The corporate design is adopted to the payroll so it is consistent with other software.
System protection guaranteed The application generates the payslip every time it is requested and deletes it again after the process. Even the specific browser cache will be cleared after closing the application.
Environmentally friendly The digital solution saves unnecessary mail, printer cartridges and paper.
Systematic approach Reduce the workload for the HR department by making payslip and salary statement available as selfservice.
Password selfservice (PWSS) If login data is lost, a new password can be generated via the PWSS.
Scalable: ePersonaldossier (EPD) ePayslip is scalable with our EPD. The EPD manages all documents and information about employees centrally and digitally.

ePayslip – How it works

ePayslip - How it works
The employee connects to the ePayslip via intranet or internet.
Verification and authorisation of the user are performed automatically.
After a successful audit, the employee will be given access to the personal payslip and annual salary statement.
It is possible to save or print each payslip or salary statement.