Performance Management Module
Master your employee performance tracking – transparent & fair

Do you have difficulties to assess the performance of your employees transparently?

Do you have difficulties to assess the performance of your employees transparently?
The Performance Management Module (PMM) is your cloud based solution to track the performance of your employees. Improve your efficiency by creating a standardized and transparent goal plan.
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PMM - Features

PMM - Features
Goal Plan Create goals for the company, department, team and the individual. In addition milestones and tasks can be set for the defined goals
Competences Define the relevant professional and core competences for the performance assessment (social skills, leadership skills and methodical expertise)
Assessment Process Create an individual assessment processes for your company and per position or use the standard workflow
Assessment Types From the self-assessment to the managers assessment up to the 360° assessment, every type of assessment is possible

PMM - How it works

PMM - How it works
Define Performance Measurement
The management defines and weights the company goals (core competences, professional competences and performance goals) as the basis for the employee performance measurement. These goals are assigned to the supervisors and teams.
Define Assessment Processes
The HR Manager has the possibility to define custom assessment types if needed. These types are assigned to the assessment process. Depending on the process, a self-assessment, a managers assessment or even a 360° assessment is possible. In order to take account of regional circumstances, several assessment processes can be defined.
Execute Performance Assessment
The PMM informs supervisors and employees about upcoming milestones, assessments or employee interviews. The employee performance is the heart of the performance management. A standardized survey and consistent control of all activities takes place. This guarantees good leadership, comprehensive feedback, coaching and performance oriented payment for the employees.
Generate Reports
Analyse your data on the fly with dedicated reports and sophisticated data filters.