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Is application and recruitment management a challenge for your HR specialists?

Is application and recruitment management a challenge for your HR specialists?
The eRecruiting Module is your cloud based solution to streamline and automate the entire hiring process in the company. Attract talents with published job advertisements and select the best candidate by reviewing incoming applications and inviting to interviews.
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ERM – Features

ERM – Features
Branded Application Portal Single entry point for all applicants designed in accordance with the company website and in compliance with internal CI/CD. On top full integration in any job portal
Guided Application Process Applicants are guided through the whole application process by following the required steps and answering predefined questions
Centralized Database & Data Protection Get centralized database for all recruitment efforts and have the data secured. Analyze your application and recruitment processes with generic reports
Systematic Approach Reduce administrative burden for your HR department through e-mail templates and predefined steps of an applicant evaluation process. Straightforward tracking of the hiring process
Contract Documents Upload the CI/CD compliant documents which are used for the recruitment process and comply with the recruitment regulations in your country
Scalable: SPM & HCM Integrations Integrate with our or any other Staff Planning Module (SPM) and automatically add all vacant jobs to the portal to streamline the complete hiring process

ERM – How it works

ERM - How it works
Publish a job advertisement and receive applications.
Evaluate applications and select suitable candidates.
Arrange interviews with the applicants. Conduct the necessary number of interviews which aligns with your internal hiring process.
Make a job offer and get it accepted by the candidate.